When my son Jake was 11-ish, I stumbled upon one of the “symptoms” of DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder).

We were in the bathroom brushing teeth and my daughter announced “There’s a bug up there” pointing to the left hand corner of the ceiling. I was helping Jake brush teeth so I asked him to stop moving his head and look at the bug by moving only his eyes.

He was like, “I can’t move my eyes without moving my head” and there was an unspoken “Duh😳” at the end. I said “Of course you can. You just go like this” and I showed him with my eyes.

He stood there in his Snack Monster pj’s and tried over and over to move his eyes and not his head and it was impossible for him. I was totally flabbergasted and confused.

But, it was bedtime and structure and routine are very important to having peace in our home so I continued with the bedtime ritual.

At that time, I didn’t know the inability to track things with your eyes is a symptom of DCD.

I thought it was super weird that Jake couldn’t do it (and it was not the only super weird thing about him) but it didn’t cause any harm and so, I put him to bed.

I remember thinking about it later as I went to bed that evening but it was a mystery I couldn’t solve at the time.

It’s so sad to me to look back now and realize ALL the things that came together SO many years later🙁

Have you had a similar experience of noticing unusual symptoms but being unaware of what they meant? If yes, please visit the DCD Awareness Facebook page Facebook.com/DCDawareness.tx or join the DCD Support Group Facebook.com/groups/DCDSupport


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