5 Stages of Grief? Nope.

Here's a framework that's actually true and will bring you a feeling of such relief.

Grief Transformation Model

6 G's - from Gutted to Glorious

I know what you're thinking . . .

  • No, I don't think I can ever be whole again, definitely not glorious
  • The old me is dead and I don't think the person who took her place will ever feel complete
  • I won't ever look in the mirror again and see someone who even resembles the person I used to be

I understand why you feel this way . . . because I've been there. That's why I created this FREE resource just for you. It's one page so it's a quick read yet still so valuable.

Jennifer Hacker

Life Coach and Grief Specialist

Did you know your past losses and traumas do not define you? They REFINE you.

What does REFINE mean?

It means improving, taking small steps, and working your way through the Grief Transformation process, from Gutted to Glorious

I’d love to send you this FREE resource that will show you the 6 steps of transformation after loss. You can progress from gutted all the way to glorious.

I know it doesn’t seem possible, but I promise you it is.

Who am I to say you can transform your grief? 

Hi I'm Jennifer.

Through two divorces, single-parenting, and the death of my infant son, I gained deep compassion and understanding for women going through major life challenges and loss.

I spent 20+ years working in the business world as an accountant, CFO, and CEO. I loved my business career but I felt a calling to do more to help women going through the hardest times in their lives and doing it alone.

I quit my corporate job and got certified as an ICF-approved life coach and a grief specialist.

I'm blessed, honored, and highly motivated to help women live more confident, productive, purposeful, and impactful lives after major transitions and loss. 

Grab this resource to see where you are on your grief journey AND where you're headed.

There's so much hope for the future. You can heal and move forward into joy and purpose without moving on. 

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Grief Transformation Model

6 G's - from Gutted to Glorious

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