3 Things You Need to Know  

 if You're Tired of Wondering 

 "Why did you let this happen God?" 

When life deals you a shattering blow, you're plunged into an alternate universe where

  • you feel your heart is bursting from the pain so deep in your soul.

  • you can't understand why this happened... your brain keeps asking WHY? but there's no acceptable answer.

  • you're so angry... God could have stopped this from happening but He didn't.

3 things you need to know if you're tired of wondering "why did you let this happen God?"
You try not to go down the rabbit hole of "Why?" and "What if?" but you can't help it because those thoughts are intrusive and unrelenting.
You just want an answer. Any answer is better than no answer. 
As someone who spent years endlessly asking why, I understand. You want some way to make sense out of this nightmare. 
That's why I created a resource to give you some relief from the constant searching for an explanation that's actually helpful.

In this FREE e-book, I tackle questions like . . .

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • What did I do to deserve such horrific pain?
  • Does God hate me?

My hunt for answers started in 2003 when my infant son died. I studied and researched and read countless books and articles.

And while none of what I read could bring my son back, I did learn things that brought me some comfort: 

  • I wasn't alone in feeling angry, confused, and terrified of what the future might bring.
  • I wasn't crazy... the never-ending painful thoughts and questions are normal.
  • Working through the questions is an important step in the process of making your way through grief.

At this point, you may be asking yourself,

"Does this person really understand what I'm going through?"

Hello, I'm Jennifer.

Through two divorces, single-parenting, and the death of my infant son, I gained deep compassion and understanding for women going through major life challenges.

I spent 2 decades working in the business world as an accountant. I loved my business career but I felt a calling to do more to help women going through the hardest times in their lives and doing it alone.

I quit my corporate job and became a certified Life Coach and Grief Specialist.

I've spent the past 20+ years living with grief, studying grief, and learning how to transform, from gutted to glorious.

My dream is to help you see, believe, and experience what's possible.

Even if you've been stuck and feeling lost for 5, 8, or 10+ years, there is a pathway through grief. You CAN heal, hope, feel joy, and find purpose again.

One of the first steps to healing is tackling those questions that seem to have no reasonable answer ...

Why did this happen to me?

Why didn't God save my loved one?

What reason could there be for THIS? 

Get started finding answers, sooner rather than later.

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Why God? Why did you let this happen to me?