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This was soooo good.  I told a friend about it and she said what an amazing way to look at gratitude. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I love your emails! Keep them coming! They give me life and keep me going - even if I don't reply to all of them. I love to read them :)

I love reading your emails ❤️. You're such a great writer and advisor. I look forward to the emails. Always full of great advice.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer

Through two divorces, single-parenting, and the death of my infant son, I've gained deep compassion and understanding for women going through major life losses and challenges.

I spent 20+ years working in the business world as an accountant, CFO, and CEO. I loved my business career but I felt a calling to do more to help women going through the hardest times in their lives and doing it alone.

I quit my corporate job and became a Certified Life Coach and Grief Specialist.

I'm blessed, honored, and highly motivated to help women live more confident, productive, purpose-filled, and impactful lives after major transitions and loss. 

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Your past failures and traumas do not DEFINE you, they REFINE you.

Jennifer Hacker