FIRST-AID for your Broken Heart
Swap Out these 8 Totally Normal yet Gut-Wrenching Thoughts and 
Lift your Heavy Heart

Do you wish there was a way to turn your thoughts in a more positive direction so you can feel better?

Do you want to be able to get your brain unstuck when it starts spinning with painful thoughts?

Good news ... I created this FREE PDF resource just for you. It's one page so it's a quick read yet still packed with value.

Even if you've lived without your loved one for a while, there are days when you need a little extra reassurance and to be reminded ...

✨Your heart will heal and the grief will not overtake you.
✨ It’s OK to have good days (or chunks of hours at a time) and not feel guilty about it.
✨ You WILL find balance between honoring your pain and striving to live a meaningful and happy life.

But sometimes, your brain gets stuck … in the never-ending why’s and what if’s and this-hurts-so-bad 🥺.

That’s why I created this free resource to show you how to get your brain unstuck … 

How to change what you’re thinking and change how you’re feeling.

Because while you don’t want to move on or get over it, you do want to move forward and feel better.

This easy, one page “tip sheet” will help you do just that–anytime your brain starts spinning with painful thoughts.