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Your Pain-to-Purpose Path is ...


Before we get into the details of your results ...

Let's stop and acknowledge why you're here ✨.

You've experienced the most shattering loss imaginable - the death of your child. 

I'm a grieving mom too so I truly understand.

The pain is inexplicable and unbearable. 

Nothing can prepare you ... For the roller coaster of emotions and the floor dropping out from under you … you keep falling and falling and it seems you’ll never get your feet back on steady ground. 

But you know ...

... you have to find a way to bridge the gap … from where you are now (afraid, alone, carrying and hiding tremendous pain) to where you want to be (healed and hopeful and yes, even happy).

You've already taken an important step by being here and I'm so very glad.

Now about those quiz results.

Based on your responses, your results show ...

You have a Dynamic Personality that will lead you to:

Surround yourself with friends and loved ones for support.
Manage grief in your own way.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share the story of what happened.
Engage in relationships with people who can help you to learn the deep lessons that can only be gained from doing REALLY hard things.
Share your spirit, energy, and personal story to inspire and motivate others.

Are you ready to get unstuck and take steps to move forward?

I know, "ready" is a strong word ... you may be thinking you'll never feel ready.  

If that's the case - Are you willing to try?

Keep reading, and I'll tell you how.

But first, let's get clear on some of the stories you've been telling yourself that could be holding you back.

Stories like ….

  • There's a hole in my heart ... an emptiness that can never be filled.
  • I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.
  • No one understands what I'm going through. I live in a different world from everyone else and I  always will.   
  • I have no answers, only questions. Logically, I know there's no good answer for why this happened, but in the background, my brain still keeps trying to figure it out asking “WHY?” and "What if?"- it's so exhausting.
  • The weight of guilt is so heavy … If I'd been a better mom, my child would still be alive.
  • The person I used to be is dead. I'll never go "back to normal."

“If you love deeply, you are going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it." 

~ C.S. Lewis
I want you to know, as a mom who's been there, even if your mind still continually asks, “HOW am I going to survive this?” ... you WILL heal and find hope for the future.

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you ...

  • Were no longer stuck in your grief and you felt there was hope for the future.
  • Lived free from guilt, knowing deep down, you WERE and ARE a great mom. 
  • Let go of the 10-ton-weight of pain without letting go of your connection to your child. 
  • Felt able to invest in other people and have goals and dreams again.
  • Released the burdens of guilt, regret, and emotional pain and experienced a whole new level of happiness and freedom.
  • Rediscovered the best parts of your old self and powerfully transformed into a restored, more beautiful, more purpose-filled new self.

Stop here, and repeat after me, “I forgive myself. I love myself. I didn't cause this and I couldn't prevent it either.”

Even if you don’t wholeheartedly agree, saying affirmations when you get hit with waves of grief is a good way to interrupt the painful thoughts and feel better.

Here's a resource to learn more about how to get your brain unstuck when it starts spinning with painful thoughts so you can feel better fast. ⤵

I'm not here to blather clichés ... like “time heals all wounds” and “everything happens for a reason.”

That’s bullshit. 
But I am here to tell you, you CAN move forward after loss and even be happy again without "moving on."

Because you're expressive and open ...

You’ve probably already invested in relationships and activities to help yourself survive—and maybe you’re even doing OK.

But as you know, a mom’s grief journey doesn’t end. You'll never "get over it" because you'll never stop loving or missing your child. But that doesn't mean you can't have hope for a happy future.

As a mom who's been on this "life after loss" journey for almost 20 years (my first son died when he was 3 months old), I’m here to help you move from just surviving or even doing OK to "I never knew the deep wounds could actually heal and I'd feel ready to embrace and enjoy life again!"

Here’s an article you may find helpful - on the universal topic of guilt ... AND letting it go. You couldn’t have known or predicted the future or saved your child. ⤵

“We’ve been led to believe that in order to heal after living through the death of someone we love … we need to ‘find closure.’ The task is not to seal off a loss, but rather to find a way to live meaningfully with it.”
~ Tom Zuba

Jennifer has been a lifesaver for me over the past year. 

She's guided me through many challenges and helped me figure out real positive solutions for each problem. She is a great listener and huge help with knowledge in many areas. I always feel a huge relief after speaking with her!

courteney l.

Jennifer is 

rich in positive energy. 

She's a trustworthy, non-judgmental advisor. She has a healing soul willing to help others through life’s trials and tribulations.

april g.

The grief program was completely worth the time, money, and emotional investment. 

Jennifer is an amazing leader and a great listener. I always felt I was in a safe space in our grief meetings. I was very skeptical at first that this could help me. But at the end I was surprised by the relief I felt and the new information I discovered through the loss/relationship exercises. The closure at the end made it worth it. Jennifer is one of the most caring and kind people I know.  

tamra o.

So, you might be wondering, who exactly am I to tell you that you can go from "I've lost hope that I'll ever be happy" to feeling that you want to laugh and live again?

Hi, I'm Jennifer, a Life and Loss Coach

When my son died in 2003, my world ended … but the rest of the world carried on as usual. 

I set out into the “after” knowing I must find a way to honor my son and transform the pain of losing him into new meaning and purpose for my life. 

It took over a decade but I fit the bits and pieces of myself and my life back together. I left my 20+ year career in finance/accounting and became a Certified Life Coach and Grief Specialist. 

I help women HEAL from unresolved pain, REGAIN confidence, and live a more PRODUCTIVE, PURPOSEFUL, and IMPACTFUL life after loss.

I lead my clients through a proven program that walks them through the process of letting go of the pain—while holding on to the love and beautiful memories—and into a new world of feeling free, open to new possibilities, willing to be vulnerable, more present and fully participating in day-to-day activities, and most of all restored ... ready to embrace and enjoy life again.

I live in Texas with my two children, my fiancé, and my Havanese puppy Orion. Some of my favorite things are coffee with heavy cream, Crossfit, ALL kinds of music and books, red wine, and the beach 🏝.

Life after loss is such a long journey ...

when you do it WITH people who can help, it's BETTER.

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Life after loss is such a long journey ...

do it WITH people instead of all on your own.

Join me on Instagram 

This is where I share ALL the things - about life and loss, personal development, pics of my kids and my dog, videos of Crossfit, inspiring stories and quotes ... Click the icon below and I'll see you there! ⤵ 


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