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without moving on.

Pocket Grief support

Text messages of encouragement, resources, and hope to support you through loss.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Hacker

Life Coach and Grief Specialist

I 've come to think of you as "my light"! Your messages have given me such a different outlook on life. I'm so grateful and thankful.


There's a part of you that wants hope and healing . . .

but there's the other part of you that feels like if you heal, you'll be betraying your loved one or worse, you'll forget about them.

I understand this feeling because I've been there.

That's how I know whether your loved one died recently or years ago, walking around carrying tremendous pain is like ... trying to climb out of a suffocating black hole ... while faking a smile and pretending to be fine.

And to make things worse,

  • Your friends and family don't understand, "Shouldn't you be over it by now?"
  • You don't have the time, energy, or money to hire a therapist or go to meetings.
  • And the online groups you've joined ... they're just depressing.

That's where I come in -- your pocket grief coach.

What does that mean?

I'll send 1-3 text messages each week straight to your phone. I'll include resources, tools, tips, motivation, and most of all, encouragement.

You CAN heal and find hope after the heartbreak of loss and you won't forget your loved one in the process.

Regular, ongoing support and encouragement will allow you to make progress . . .  to move forward without moving on.

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I'm a certified Life Coach and Grief Specialist. 

When my infant son died in 2003, my world ended ... but the rest of the world carried on as usual. Over the course of many years I healed and learned how to embrace and enjoy life again.

I know from experience there's a huge lack of support for grievers ... I'm here to fill that gap.

My goal is to not only help you get through the hard days but also help you believe there is so much hope for a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life after loss.

But first, you have to take a small step forward. 

That’s why I created pocket grief coach support – a simple text message membership where I send you uplifting and inspirational messages weekly to give you hope. 

You may not feel up to anything else at this moment and that's okay. Let me do the heavy lifting right now.

Why Pocket Grief Coach Support?

Personal messages from someone who's been in your shoes

I don’t outsource this job to a virtual assistant or an agency. I write these messages myself … from my heart.💗

I’ve lived through and studied grief and loss for 20 years. I share information from a large library of resources including my personal journals and emails, and countless online articles and books I've read (and continue to read🤓).

I've done all the research and the legwork so you don't have to.

Professional training and resources

I'm a certified Life Coach and Grief Specialist.

My professional training and experience means I have the resources, tools, and understanding to better connect with you, share with you, and support you in loss AND in life. ✨

You always have your phone with you ...

Maybe you’re using your phone to distract yourself from your big emotions - which is totally understandable.

Why not use it as a tool for healing too?

While I can't be there with you in person, I can be "in your pocket" to encourage you on your life and loss journey. 

Ann M. 

What a world of difference you have made in my life. 

Thank you so much for guiding me and for giving me sooooo many tools. I use them on a daily basis to be happy and to help others. What a world of difference you have made in my life. I am indebted to you forever!

April G.

You are a blessing!

Thank you for your inspiring messages! I love your messages and can really relate. You are a blessing!

Messages to Uplift and Inspire

(Here are some samples of the kinds of messages you'll receive.)

Invest in Yourself and Feeling Better

I know, it’s hard to think about feeling better.  Maybe you don’t want to feel better.  Maybe you think if you feel better, it means you're forgetting your loved one. Maybe it makes you feel guilty. It's perfectly understandable to feel this way.

But, a couple things to note . . . 

  • It's not true - you won't ever forget your loved one. You can feel better AND remember. Your connection with your loved one will not be lost when you heal.
  • There's someone out there (probably lots more than one) who loves you and wants you to feel better ... Who wants you to muster up a little bit of courage and take a small step so you can start healing.

Maybe that small step is one you can take right now.

If you won't do it for yourself, will you do it for that someone who loves you?


$ 2.00

per month

Minimum investment is $2/month. If this is what you can afford, choose this option - I want you to be supported 🤗


$ 5.00

per month

Regular price is $5/month. 

Totally worth it 🌟 

pay it forward

$ 10.00

per month

Pay it Forward is for those who have the ability to pay a little more to cover the cost for those who don't have quite enough ✨

I created these three payment levels because I know saying yes to taking care of yourself can be really difficult. 

I want you to feel comfortable and safe and get started as quickly and easily as possible. 

Please, pick whatever feels best and I'll be honored to join you on this incredibly important journey.

It's time to take the next step.

Customer Feedback

"I love how you have taken what you learned from losing your precious baby boy to help so many others. I can't express the depth of appreciation and thankfulness I have for you as you have shared your life and compassion." ❤❤❤

"You always give such loving and helpful words of encouragement and positivity.

Thank you SO much!" 🙏