Feeling lost after loss? Use this tool to discover your path for moving forward without moving on.

Transform your Life after Loss

In this 10 week program, you'll learn how to heal from the unresolved pain of loss, let go of the pain (without letting go of your loved one), and embrace and enjoy life again.

Grief Gap 

Death and loss are universal concepts and experiences. Yet we live in a society that is largely uninformed on the topic and unprepared for how to support or even communicate with someone in grief.

Sadly, this means people who are already in pain suffer additional pain at the hands of a grief-illiterate society.

You probably experienced multiple hurts because people aren't taught and therefore don't know what to say (or NOT say)

I'm betting you also felt pressured to "get over it" after a relatively short period of time.

Because of the unfair and unrealistic expectations of the world around us, grief gets buried, avoided, and ignored.

This leaves a burden of unresolved pain and heartache that can last a lifetime if you don't address it.

Grief Transformation

My personal grief transformation (more about that in my bio on home page), lit a fire in me ...

To reach as many people living with unresolved grief as possible and help them experience relief, freedom, purpose, and peace.

DEFINITION: Grief is the natural and normal reaction to loss of any kind.

The Grief Recovery Handbook by John James and Russel Friedman

Transform Your Life after Loss Coaching Program

Over the course of this 10 week program you will:

  • Give voice to your story and feel validated, heard, and understood.
  • Reject the misconceptions and myths about grief/loss.
  • Learn about stress-relieving behaviors, the potential harms, and how to implement healthy behaviors instead.
  • Say the unsaid things and address all the unrealized hopes, dreams, and expectations. 
  • Let go of the pain and guilt and experience massive relief and healing.
  • Explore the various paths ahead of you and discover a newfound sense of meaning and purpose for your future.
  • Feel empowered and ready to fully embrace and enjoy life again.


What Clients Are Saying

I put to rest a lifetime of heartache. 

Now I am able to remember my father and the love we shared with a peace I have never known.

Barbara A.

The program was completely worth the time, money, and emotional investment. 

Jennifer is an amazing leader and a great listener. I always felt I was in a safe space in our meetings. I was very skeptical at first that this could help me.

But at the end I was surprised by the relief I felt and the new information I discovered through the loss and relationship exercises. The closure at the end made it worth it.

Tamra O.

Jennifer is the best listener and confidence builder.

Since working with Jennifer, I have learned communication skills, extended planning skills, coping with faults, failures, stress/anxiety, coping with plans changing, and setting doable goals to achieve maximum success.

Jennifer knows what she is doing. She can transform to situations like a chameleon and has the intelligence to help anyone from any background. 

Kayla K.

Grief and loss are not just about death

The death of a loved one is only one of many life events that causes the mind and body to respond with symptoms of grief.
Any change in a familiar pattern (i.e. life transition) can bring about feelings and symptoms of grief.
Here are some examples:

The end of any significant relationship can create corresponding significant feelings of grief and loss.

Major Financial Changes

Whether positive or negative, major financial changes equate to a loss of your previous way of life.


Whether to a new town, neighborhood, or house, moving results in the loss of a familiar home and community environment.


Loss of stability, security, self-confidence, familiar work relationships.


Even a happy occasion like marriage can bring up conflicting feelings due to the loss of your independence and self-focused lifestyle.

Digital Course Coming SOON

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Good news for those outside of the San Antonio area - I’m working on a digital course and plan to release it in November of 2022.


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