Are you going through the hardest time of your life?

Do you need support but feel there’s no one to turn to … your family and friends just don’t understand 😳

You’re in the right place 👍 … here with me,

a certified life coach and grief recovery coach.

What is a life coach you ask?


A life coach is a professional trained to help clients make positive change in their lives.

A life coach can help you 1) reach a goal, or 2) make a change, or 3) manage a life transition such as marriage, divorce, unemployment, grief/loss, etc.

Here are some examples of situations that may bring you to coaching:


Single Moms

  • Do you wonder how you will meet the endless demands on your time and still manage to be a good parent?

  • Are you raising children on your own without any emotional support?

  • Do you give your family everything you’ve got and wish there was some way to take better care of yourself?


  • Are you separated from your spouse and wondering how to navigate the minefield of divorce smartly and safely?

  • Are you worried about the health and well-being of your children during and after the divorce?

  • Do you feel devastated and crippled by divorce?


  • Do you lie awake at night worrying that your children are not getting the love, support, and discipline they need to become healthy and happy adults?

  • Are you afraid you are doing the job of parenting so poorly your kids are going to be screwed up forever?

  • Do your children behave so badly you are embarrassed to take them out in public?

  • Are there so many demands on your time that parenting has taken a backseat and are you afraid your kids are going to pay the price?


  • Do you have a wonderful family, a nice home, a good job … but you still feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled?

  • Do you feel lost and unsure where your life is going?

  • Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning wondering when your life went from meaningful to meh?


  • Have you lost a loved one and you can’t seem to “get back to normal” like everyone thinks you should?

  • Are you suffering from tremendous grief but trying to hide it so your family and friends won’t worry about you?

  • Do you feel that no one understands the depth or duration of your pain?

  • Do you wonder if life will ever be good again?

I am here to tell you, “Yes🙌 Life can and will be good again. You CAN transform your life after loss.✨”

I am the mother of two living children and one who is in Heaven. I have struggled through divorce, single parenting, and grief. I have tremendous compassion for you and a deep understanding of pain and loss. Despite the challenges life has thrown my way, I not only survived but I am living a happy and fulfilling life.

A meaningful and happy life is on your horizon too if you are ready to make changes and make progress. I can help. I am a certified life coach and grief recovery coach. I am trained in well-established and highly successful processes that will help you move from deep pain, to healing and hope, to living a life filled with confidence, clarity, passion and purpose.

You really can transform your life after loss and embrace and enjoy life again.

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Photos by the amazing Sean Carranza!

Thank you Sean … I had so much fun working together on these! (