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Move Forward - Without Moving On

Ready to stop just existing and experience happiness again while still remembering and honoring your loved one?

The grief program was completely worth the time, money, and emotional investment. At first, I was skeptical that this could help me, but I was surprised by the relief I felt in the end. The closure I experienced made it so worth it.

tamra o.

Hi, I'm JEnniFer hacker.

Life Coach  and Grief Specialist

It’s a common (but harmful) myth that feeling better means moving on

Moving forward feels like moving on WITHOUT and it makes you afraid to heal.

Being afraid to feel better can result in 

  • Having no interest in anything
  • Not wanting to face the world
  • Not being able to do normal things in life
  • Not having any idea what to do with the rest of your life

Sometimes being afraid results in avoidance with activities like these:

  • Working too much
  • Drinking too much
  • Shopping too much
  • Exercising too much

And then at some point you just get stuck.

You wish there was an answer as to how to move forward.

You want to have hope to smile and laugh again.

But you don't know how.

Jennifer has been a lifesaver for me over the past year. 

She has guided me through many challenges and helped me figure out real positive solutions for each problem. She is a great listener and huge help with knowledge in many areas. I always feel a huge relief after speaking with her!

courteney l.

A lot of people get stuck in grief, especially since no one ever taught us how to handle it.
It's no wonder then if you're feeling you need to get unstuck and move forward but have no idea HOW.
Surviving multiple losses taught me a few things you may find reassuring...
  • You're not broken and you don't need to be fixed. The only thing you need is a willingness to take small steps toward healing.
  • You WILL find your way through the fog of grief.
  • You're stronger than what you're going through. You can transform your pain, keep your connection, and find a whole new level of happiness and freedom on the other side of grief.

You’re probably wondering how this could be true when sometimes you're barely able to get through today much less think about a future that doesn't have your loved one in it.

A sense of hope and finding meaning seems a million miles away, but . . .

. . . it's a journey you need to make.

There's a purpose for your pain that goes beyond honoring your love and your loved one ... it's this ⤵

Pain will expand your mind and your heart and insist that you transform … into a restored, more confident, more purposeful, world-impacting you.

Imagine ...

The burden of sadness lifting off your heart and mind as you learn how to let go of pain without letting go of your loved one.

Exploring memories of your loved one, and instead of guilt and regret, a feeling of peace surrounds you. The only thing that wells up inside you is love and joy.

Hope growing as you look into the future and see yourself investing in relationships and having goals and dreams again.

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Your past losses and traumas do not define you; they REFINE you.

What does REFINE mean?

It means improving, taking small steps, and evolving.

Grief is a transformational, life altering process. 

Ultimately, it can be life enhancing if you choose.

Latest Articles

Who am I to say you can be whole again after loss? I'm Jennifer ...

Through two divorces, single-parenting, and the death of my infant son, I gained deep compassion and understanding for women going through major life challenges.

I spent 20+ years working in the business world as an Accountant/CFO. I loved my business career but I felt a calling to DO MORE to help women going through the hardest times in their lives and doing it alone.

I quit my corporate job to become a Certified Life Coach and Grief Specialist.

I've spent the past 20 years living with grief, studying grief, and learning how to transform, from gutted to glorious.

My dream is to:

  - GUIDE you through grief

  - Help you HEAL from intense emotional pain

  - Help you BELIEVE you will embrace and enjoy life again

Even if you've been stuck for 5 or 8 or 10+ years, you CAN heal, hope, feel joy again, and live a happy, meaningful life after loss.

Jenn helped me clear my thoughts and create a path for success!

My experience with Jenn has been amazing. She creates an environment where it’s easy to freely express your thoughts and insecurities. I sought help about an issue that had been weighing on me for some time, and I’m so glad I did. She was able to help me clear my thoughts and create a path for success! I never felt judged when talking with her, only encouraged and enlightened. If you have any issues you are dealing with, whether it be in life, relationships, business, or personal, I encourage you to reach out. You have very little to lose, but so much to gain!

Sean C.
I am indebted to Jennifer forever!

I'm so thankful for Jennifer's guidance through all my life challenges. And for giving me sooo many tools that I use on a daily basis, to be happy, and to help others, through their daily trials and tribulations.

What a world of difference she's made in my life …

I am indebted to her forever !


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You are amazing. I love how you have taken what you learned from losing your precious baby boy to help so many others. Thanks for changing the world, one person at a time. I can't express the depth of my appreciation and thankfulness I have for you as you have shared your life and compassion.❤❤❤

– J.J.

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