Every year as the holidays approach, I get to thinking about the nuances of familial relationships. In other words, I wonder, “Why can’t people just get along?”

The holidays are considered a time of friendly get-togethers complemented by bountiful meals of delicious waist-altering food made all the more enjoyable by the loving and happy hearts of those gathered around.

But all too often, the holidays are a time when people remain fixated on past hurts and grudges and there’s not much love to be found.

And it’s too bad because holding grudges never works. It doesn’t teach anyone anything and it means everyone stays stressed out and unhappy.

If someone hurts you and you are upset about it, that’s understandable. But after a reasonable amount of time (and I don’t mean years and years), you must let it go.

Letting it go doesn’t mean you pronounce the other person right and yourself wrong; it doesn’t mean you were not hurt; it just means you are not going to let the other person’s one (or more) mistakes harden your heart and take away your joy.

If you want to teach someone a lesson, teach them a lesson in forgiveness.

Bitterness and resentment and the cold shoulder will never open another person’s eyes to your pain. Forgiveness may open their eyes … and it may not. But it’s the only thing that will help your heart to heal and make you feel better.

Isn’t making yourself feel better much more important than being right and making someone else feel bad?

Don’t make decisions based on who was right and who was wrong or what you can do to make a point or make someone feel bad about what they’ve done. Make decisions based on love … giving love even when it isn’t given to you and forgiving even when the other person isn’t sorry. Demonstrate love instead of pride. Do it for yourself and for your family.

Accept the faults of others . . . After all, they have to accept yours. 😳😬🙂

Forgive and love and be at peace. And bring peace to your family at the same time. What a wonderful gift to give during the holidays and all year long. 💛

To learn more about HOW to forgive someone, read this article – 6 Steps to Forgive Even the Worst Offenses and Find Peace.

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