The other night I was reading in bed, feeling hungry, despite having already indulged in Skinny Girl popcorn AND Choc Zero chocolate bark.

So I got up to get some leftover pizza. First, I pulled off the pepperoni (the kids like it but it’s too greasy for my taste). Then I popped it into the air fryer. Hot tip — air fryers make leftover pizza so perfectly delicious (and crispy which is especially important to me), it’s almost better than fresh.

After the ding, I took the slice and cut it in half — a little mind trick I use to make me feel like I’m eating 2 pieces.

As I headed to my room, past my half-asleep puppy Orion, I stubbed my pinky toe on the foot of the doggy gate. I stutter-stepped and stumbled, almost fell, but managed to find my balance before smashing my face into the ground. The pizza however, went flying.

I was outraged … “WTF, where did that crazy piece of wood come from??!!” Grrrrrr. I collected the pizza and stomped past the kennel and huffed out an infuriated “huuuuuurrrrrrrrrhh!”

Then I imagined the dog, rousing from sleep in time to witness my mishap, tripping and almost falling, the pizza flying, and him laughing his fluffy white butt off … I couldn’t help laughing myself.

As I climbed back into bed and reached for the plate of pizza, I noticed a white dust-bunny on the tip of one slice … I plucked off the dust bunny and thought to myself, “Yep, still gonna eat this pizza, aching toe, wounded pride, and floor dirt be damned!”

So why in the world am I telling you all this?

Because sometimes you’ve just gotta enjoy the little things in life … bedtime snacks and stubbed toes and funny shit that happens. You’ve gotta laugh at yourself … Or other people. I confess, I find it hilarious to watch people fall down.

Like, look at this lady tripping and flinging her popcorn.

(I hope you don’t think too poorly of me … I’m almost crying laughing at this lady’s epic stumble. )

Anyway, that’s the lesson for today … laughing feels good and it has healing powers … so do it as often as you can.

I know I usually write more serious messages but today I wanted to share something funny and lighthearted to remind you … it’s OK to laugh and smile. It’s good for you. Balancing life and loss is hard work … so you need to take breaks whenever possible.

I hope this was a welcome break for you today. Maybe even flag it and read it again the next time you need a laugh-break.

(If laughing makes you feel guilty, like you’re betraying your loved one, check out this service — it may be a better form of support for you right now.)

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