This book is a fantastic instruction manual for how to live after loss. Every idea is presented on a single page so even people in the depths of grief who are unable to focus for even 5 minutes at a time can still read it in very short intervals. And for each of the 100 practical ideas, there is a “Carpe Diem” suggestion at the bottom of the page with a specific way to implement the idea that very day. I stumbled across this book in 2015 while searching for a book for a friend whose mom died. This book has been a wonderful resource and tool for healing, even 12 years after the death of my son. NOTE: This book comes in several variations: Healing a Spouse’s Grieving Heart, Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart, etc. All of the books are similar in format and provide excellent validation of feelings, ideas for living after loss, and suggestions for ways to find healing.

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