I feel much more in control after speaking with Jennifer. She always puts things into a better perspective for me and helps me come up with a solution to my problems.

Courteny L.

I put to rest a lifetime of heartache. 

With guidance and resources from the grief transformation program, I put to rest a lifetime of heartache.

Now I'm able to remember my father and the love we shared with a peace I have never known.


I was so grateful for such a vast space to share!

I signed up for the Conquer Your Fear VIP Day to address my fear of driving, trauma, and relationship issues. It felt good to type things that I’d never spoken to anyone before.

This format of coaching gives a safe space for people to share their trauma and it’s SO profound.

Flex VIP Days are a fantastic and innovative concept … all day communication that allows time for conversation, development, and processing. It’s a beautiful opportunity for a story to slowly unfold, trust to build, for seeds to sprout and grow.


Jennifer is rich in positive energy.

She is a trustworthy, non-judgmental advisor and she is rich in positive energy. She has a healing soul willing to help others through life’s trials and tribulations.

April G.

I signed up for a Flex VIP Day to help with school/graduation stress and worries about getting a job. After my day with Jennifer, I felt ready to get down to business and get things done.

She gave me several tools and ideas for how to approach writing my cover letters differently, using a dedicated checklist, and also scheduling self-care throughout the week in my calendar. The day was super helpful to me!

Abigail M.

With my coach’s help, I’ve learned how to cope with decades of verbal abuse and to look positively into my future. I’ve learned how to set boundaries with my spouse and keep them, so I can stay hopeful for my marriage and future. I’ve learned to open my mind and heart to greatness happening in my life and in my family’s life.


Jennifer is the best listener and confidence builder.

I was struggling with issues of loss, military trauma, financial stress, divorce, single parenthood, declining health, social struggles, lack of a support system, extended family drama, and anxiety. 

Since working with Jennifer, I have learned communication skills, extended planning skills, coping with faults, failures, anxiety, coping with plans changing, and setting doable goals to achieve maximum success.

Also … above all, Jennifer is the best listener and confidence builder. She reinforced my feelings and reasoning and supported me in where I wanted to go and why I wanted to do it!

Jennifer knows what she is doing. She can transform to situations like a chameleon, and has the intelligence to help anyone from any background. I’ve experienced tremendous success since I started seeing her.

Kayla K.

Jenn creates an environment where it’s easy to freely express your thoughts and insecurities.

My experience with Jenn has been amazing! I sought help about an issue that had been weighing on me for some time, and I’m so glad I did. She helped me clear my thoughts and create a path for success.

I never felt judged when talking with her, only encouraged and enlightened. If you have any issues you are dealing with, whether it be in life, relationships, business, or personal, I encourage you to reach out. You have very little to lose, but so much to gain!

Sean C.

Jennifer is a person of wisdom, integrity, knowledge and true authenticity!

Her expertise and passion behind helping women become their best selves, personally and professionally has impacted my life and many lives around me. I am blessed to know Jennifer and have had the pleasure of experiencing her fantastic coaching abilities and processes and highly recommend her!

Julia K.

This past year was filled with unexpected changes and challenges. Meeting with Jennifer really helped me navigate through the rough parts in my life. I’ve grown both personally and professionally with Jennifer’s help.

I’m excited to keep working with her and discovering myself!


Jennifer has been a lifesaver for me over the past year. 

She has guided me through many challenges and helped me figure out real positive solutions for each problem. She is a great listener and huge help with knowledge in many areas. I always feel a huge relief after speaking with her!”


Jennifer has the knowledge and skills to coach people through big changes.

Working with Jennifer was awesome!

I wasn’t unhappy or sad with my life but I did feel stagnant and was ready for a change.

Through a series of questions, Jennifer helped me pinpoint the areas that needed attention and she helped me map out some important changes for our family.

Jennifer has the knowledge and skills to coach people through big changes in their life. I am forever grateful for her guidance!


Jennifer has a gift that enables her to see where people have buried feelings. She asked just the right questions and opened up areas in my life I've struggled with for a long time. She helped me process possibilities and determine my own answers so that healing could be obtained. I highly recommend Jennifer.


The grief transformation program was completely worth the time, money, and emotional investment. 

Jennifer is an amazing leader and a great listener. I always felt I was in a safe space in our grief transformation meetings. I was very skeptical this could help me but I was surprised by the relief I felt at the end. The closure I experienced made it worth it."

Jennifer is one of the most caring and kind people I know.