How do I set up a free consultation?

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What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional trained to help clients make positive change in their lives.

A life coach can help you 1) reach a goal, or 2) make a change, or 3) manage a life transition such as marriage, divorce, unemployment, empty nest, etc.

Life coaches generally are not intended to give advice. Their purpose is to facilitate the client learning to understand herself, her blocks, her dreams, her unique gifts and talents. Life coaches facilitate these awarenesses using a number of skills and tools. These skills include active listening, asking powerful and intuitive questions, and conducting exercises of self-exploration. These tools enable the coach to go deep with the client and help her to achieve not only understanding of self but to then go beyond and reach new levels of awareness, meaning, and purpose.

People have a tendency to passively accept whatever situation they are in. A life coach helps people move from Passive Acceptance of what is to Active Achievement of what is dreamed of and wanted.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Past vs. Future

Counseling focuses primarily on issues from the past.

Coaching focuses on looking forward to the future, the future you want to have and how to get there.

Problems vs. Solutions

Counseling focuses on specific problems.

Coaching focuses on solutions.

Understanding Behaviors vs. Changing Behaviors

Counseling addresses existing personality traits and behaviors, most often in the context of how they relate to childhood experiences and upbringing.

Coaching addresses new ways of behaving and thinking to get where you want to go.