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You know that saying, “Time heals all wounds” … it’s wrong. The mere passing of time does not have any magical healing effect on a wound.

It’s what YOU DO with the time that heals the wounds.

My son Jackson died in 2003 when he was 3 months old. I didn’t think I could survive. In fact, sometimes I didn’t want to survive.

But with effort and intention, I learned how to embrace and enjoy life again and I am truly happy.

People frequently ask me, “How did you survive the death of your child? How did you go on? How do you seem to actually be happy? How do you do so much to help others?”

The answer to the last question answers all the questions. I do so much to help others because I am healed in the process. Wanting to help others is one of the main things that kept me going in the hardest times.

For bereaved parents reading this right now, I know it’s hard to imagine life can be happy again. It may even seem like a betrayal to your child who passed away. I encourage you to reframe your thinking and know, your child wants you to seek happiness and find it.

Finding happiness doesn’t mean forgetting.

You will love and miss your child for forever, but it won’t always feel unbearable. It will hurt less over time and you can be happy in between the hurting. You don’t have to be only the one thing, sad or happy. You can be both.

You CAN heal and be happy again. Believe me, even if it doesn’t make sense or seem possible.

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