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Are you wondering how to go on after the death of your loved one … How to move forward without moving on?
Wouldn’t it be such a relief if you could be sure …


☀️ Your heart will feel uplifted more often in between the intense periods of grief
😊 It’s OK to laugh and smile and not feel guilty
⏳ You CAN find balance between honoring your loss (and your loved one) and striving to live a happy life


You’ve heard time heals all wounds but you know that’s not true. The mere fact of time passing by does not heal anything.
Healing takes effort and intention.


But making an effort is pretty HARD some days.😳


Hard for so many reasons … you don’t want to feel better, you feel guilty, you don’t understand why this happened to you.


Sometimes your brain gets stuck in the never-ending why’s and what if’s.😟


That’s why I created this free resource to show you how to get your brain unstuck … How to change what you are thinking and change how you are feeling.


Because of course you don’t want to move on or get over it (like that could EVER happen) but you do want to move forward.


And that means you have to DO something to feel better when your brain is spinning with painful gut-wrenching thoughts.


This is a one page “tip sheet” that is easy to read and implement🤓