First-Aid for your Broken Heart


Are you wondering how to move forward after the death of your loved one without moving on?


I’ve been there … and I’ve learned some things that will help as you navigate your own personal grief journey <img draggable=


<img role= Your heart WILL feel uplifted more often in between the intense periods of grief

<img role= It’s OK to laugh and smile and not feel guilty

<img role= You CAN find balance between honoring your loss and striving to live a meaningful and happy life



But sometimes your brain gets stuck in the never-ending why’s and what if’s and this-hurts-so-bad.<img role=


That’s why I created this free resource to show you how to get your brain unstuck … How to change what you’re thinking and change how you’re feeling.


Because while you don’t want to move on or get over it (which is not even possible, hello<img draggable=),  you do want to move forward.


This easy, one page “tip sheet” will help you do just that–anytime your brain starts spinning with painful thoughts.